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About us 

TGIF specializes in foster care and adoptive services in the Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, and Beaumont, Texas. We endeavor to protect children from abuse, neglect and family separation and, when appropriate, facilitate a child’s ability to overcome these difficulties when they occur. We recognize that abuse and neglect are significant problems in the communities we serve, and without intervention, the long-term impact of these ordeals on a child can, in many cases prevent them from living healthy and productive lives. We provide additional professional services which are designed to keep children and families together and, we identify and prepare independent contractors who will provide a healing home for children who are unable to live with their families.

Our values


A childhood complete with the opportunity to learn and master the skills needed to realize their maximum potential.


Effective services

We believe that all families have irrefutable strengths and that by focusing on and emphasizing these strengths we may promote change that can produce infinite positive outcomes in the lives of children.

Characteristics of effective service include competently trained professional staff, comprehensive program descriptions, effectual supervision, and, measurable outcomes which indicate program success. 


 We will utilize and develop resources to address the needs of both current and future consumers and look for creative ways to efficiently leverage our resources with those of other organizations as appropriate.


We recognize and respect the individualized spiritual backgrounds of those we serve and support family efforts to continue in their particular faith traditions.


We will work collaboratively with other entities with similar goals to maximize public and private resources for overcoming child abuse, neglect and family separation.

professional development

 We are result oriented and will continually evaluate our effectiveness and, we are willing to adjust or methodology when required. 


our mission statement

The Grandberry Intervention Foundation (TGIF) provides placement for hurting, abused and neglected children with families who ensure their physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met. Additionally, TGIF assists children and their families to realize their full potential and provides hope for their future.

Our vision

TGIF believes that every child is entitled to and deserves a safe, nuturing and stable home environment. TGIF helps children to realize their full potential while promoting hope for their future.

Our history


Sharon Jessie Grandberry, Founder of The Grandberry Intervention Foundation

"Helping people help themselves"

Sharon Jessie Grandberry has a vision. Her vision centers on enhancing the functioning of children and families by providing life-changing opportunities. In other words: “Helping people help themselves.”

In 1992, Sharon became licensed as therapeutic foster parent and began providing residential services to a teenage boy and his pregnant teenage sister. This led to a license from the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (TDPRS) to operate an Independent Foster Family Home called “Get A Life” (GAL). This home specialized in caring for pregnant and parenting teens. GAL provided residential and case management services to young ladies between 12- 17 years of age who were emotionally challenged, and often pregnant or parenting a child under two years of age.

In 2001, the organization changed but the vision remained the same. The Grandberry Intervention Foundation (TGIF) was licensed by TDPRS to operate as a Child Placing Agency in 2003 and began contracting with Child Protective Services in 2004.

TGIF recruits, trains, and monitors families that provide foster care to abused and/or neglected children.

The Grandberry Intervention Foundation is a non-profit (501c3) agency and is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of hurting children.

our staff

Fort Worth Office


Pictured left to right:

Sharon Grandberry (Executive Director), Kysha Bell (Admin Support Clerk), Monica Williams (Executive Assistant), Sandra Odom (Lead Foster Home Developer)

Back Row:

Raven Daniels (Case Aide), Tyniqua Miller (Case Manager), and Jennifer Hawthorne (Case Manager Supervisor)

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