Frequently Asked Questions

Please bring a VALID driver’s license and social security card when attending orientation.

1. What steps do I take to become a foster parent and how long does it take?

The process takes approximately 30 days after the following requirements are met:

• Completion of pre-service training
• Turning in of paperwork within 7 days of completing orientation

2. What does pre-certification training consist of?

• Medication training  (2 hours)
• PRIDE training (16 hours of classes are held bi-monthly on the 1st and 2nd Saturdays)
• PAPH – Prevention of Aggression and Physical Holds (4 hours)
• CPR/First Aid certification (2 hours)
• TB testing is required for everyone in the home over the age of three
• Obtaining consent for medical treatment of foster children

Pre-certification training is a total of 24 hours.

3. How many children do I qualify for?

Your family home may qualify to foster up to six children depending on bedroom availability and common area square footage (40 square feet per child).

4. Does my background matter?

Anyone convicted of crimes against people, drug offenses, or DWI issues less than 10 years old are usually excluded from foster care by the state. For additional information, log on to:


5.  Is there any financial assistance available for fostering?


Reimbursement is done by the 20th of each month for foster care given the previous month.

Please click on this link to view additional foster parent screening procedures:

6.  Is TGIF a religious organization?

While we are not affiliated with any specific religious denomination and receive no funding as part of our budget from any religious organization, TGIF has been nourished by its roots in the Christian faith and believes that faith relationships and faith communities can be a vital source of support for children and families. We do not require our foster care parents to be members of or active in a specific denomination or faith community. Yet we do acknowledge the positive benefits that spiritual connections can play in raising a child.