We believe every child deserves an upbringing that is safe, loving, encouraging and fun. A childhood complete with the opportunity to learn and master the skills needed to realize their maximum potential.


We resolutely acknowledge the fact that a child’s needs are best met in a loving and caring family setting. We believe that all families have irrefutable strengths and that by focusing on and emphasizing these strengths we may promote change that can produce infinite positive outcomes in the lives of children. We strive to develop partnerships with families and enthusiastically support their efforts to provide environments for children in which they can thrive. We work to secure an enriching family setting when one is unavailable to children.


We vow to relentlessly provide professional services to our clients which are developed based
Effective Services
upon clearly defined intervention models, research and best practices. Characteristics of effective service include competently trained professional staff, comprehensive program descriptions, effectual supervision, culturally sensitive approaches to each case and, measurable outcomes which indicate program success. Effective programs respond to an identified need and impact it positively.


We will use our financial and
human resources to address the needs of those we serve using cost effective and transparent practices. We will utilize and develop resources to address the needs of both current and future consumers and look for creative ways to efficiently leverage our resources with those of other organizations as appropriate.


We build upon our Christian foundation and in our belief that unconditional love and hope are essential for fundamental healing. We strive to convey love and hope to all our clients as well as our staff and
he community. We recognize and respect the individualized spiritual backgrounds of those we serve and support family efforts to continue in their particular faith traditions.


In addition to helping the children and families directly participating in our programs, TGIF will strive to leverage our skills and knowledge to shape public policy, opinion, and civic response to all children and families in need. We will work collaboratively with other entities with similar goals to maximize public and private resources for overcoming child abuse, neglect and family separation.


We will make every effort to learn from our work through
Professional Development
thoughtful analysis of our methodology and continuing professional development. We are result oriented and will continually evaluate our effectiveness and, we are willing to adjust or methodology when required. We will utilize and employ innovative approaches and maintain awareness of best practices in our discipline. We will continuously review and learn from the accomplishments of our peers in other communities. We aspire to develop and utilize critical knowledge proven to be helpful to children and families and to share this knowledge with others.