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Protecting children. Preserving families. Since 2003.

Abuse, neglect and family separation are significant problems in the communities we serve, and without help, the long-term impact on children can prevent them from living healthy, productive lives. Our programs are designed to prevent child abuse, neglect and family separation and help heal and treat children already affected by these maladies. With nearly a century of collective experience working with children, we know that the best way to accomplish our mission is to work with families, whenever possible, to strengthen their ability to care for their children safely. Over 2,600 children and families are served by our programs. An additional 10,000 individuals receive critical safety information through our outreach and education services.​



TGIF partners with Child Protective Services to find adoptive families for children. TGIF provides services for families until adoption is finalized. TGIF also provides post-adoption support, as needed.

Funding partner: Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.


Therapeutic residential services for children, ages 0 - 22, with moderate to severe behavior problems. We provide safe and structured residential care in a foster care setting that attempts to modify behavior, support successful child development, promote family reunification whenever possible, and secures the optimal level of living for the child.


​TGIF identifies, trains, license and supports individuals and families who are interested in becoming Foster Parents in the state of Texas.

​Funding partner: Texas Department of Family and Protective Services


Beginning in September 2013, TGIF’s professional staff will offer training and informational classes in significant areas including: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Pre-Natal Care, Safe Ride, Nutrition, Behavioral Modeling and Modification and Life Skills.


TGIF is dedicated to providing timely professional assistance to identify, train and support foster and adoptive families. We are a full service state licensed agency that will work with individuals and families to navigate the state paperwork necessary for licensing as a foster/adopt parent. Once you have your license TGIF’s professional staff will work with you to select prospective foster children, continue your training and will be with you through your wonderful journey as a foster/adopt parent. We provide additional professional services which are designed to keep children and families together and, we identify and prepare independent contractors who will provide a healing home for children who are unable to live with their families. You will never be alone. TGIF will always be here for you.

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foster care

Serving children in need in Texas.

A foster home is a temporary family for the child who was removed from an abusive or neglectful situation. All of our children have been removed from an abusive or neglectful situation by Child Protective Services. TGIF screens and verifies homes who are willing to care for the child(ren) on a short-term basis. The time frame can be as short as a few days to one year. By being a foster parent you are able to help many children and leave a lasting positive impact on their little lives.


Foster families are responsible for housing, feeding, and transporting the children placed in their care. Children in foster care can be placed in a single foster family of one or more parents caring for up to six foster children in their home with their own biological or adopted children. 

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Dr. Bennie Berry and Anthony discuss their journey to adoption through the Grandberry Intervention Foundation.

frequently asked questions

What steps do I take to become a foster parent and how long does it take?

The process takes approximately 30 days after the following requirements are met:

• Completion of pre-service training
• Turning in of paperwork within 7 days of completing orientation

What does pre-certification training consist of?

  • Medication training  (2 hours)

• PRIDE training (16 hours of classes are held bi-monthly on the 1st and 2nd Saturdays)
• PAPH – Prevention of Aggression and Physical Holds (4 hours)
• CPR/First Aid certification (2 hours)
• TB testing is required for everyone in the home over the age of three
• Obtaining consent for medical treatment of foster children

Pre-certification training is a total of 24 hours.

How many children do I qualify for?

Your family home may qualify to foster up to six children depending on bedroom availability and common area square footage (40 square feet per child).

Does my background matter?

Anyone convicted of crimes against people, drug offenses, or DWI issues less than 10 years old are usually excluded from foster care by the state. For additional information, log on to:

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