TGIF'S "GET A LIFE" Supervised Independent Living (SIL) Program

allows young adults to live independently

under a supervised living arrangement provided by

The Grandberry Intervention Foundation (TGIF), a DFPS contracted provider.











A young adult in the "GET A LIFE" SIL is not supervised 24-hours

a day by an adult and has increased responsibilities. 


Through the "GET A LIFE" SIL program a young adult has:


- Increased responsibilities

- Manage their own finances

- Buying groceries/personal items

- Working with a Landlord

- Help transitioning to independent living

- Achieving identified education and employment goals

- Accessing community resources

- Engaging in needed life skills training

- Establishing important relations



1. Ask your caregiver or caseworker for help

2. Download the SIL application here

3. Complete the application

4. Give the completed application to your caseworker

5. Remember, you MUST complete the application process

before you turn 21 years old.