Supervised Independent Living (SIL) Program


TGIF's "GET A LIFE" Supervised Independent Living (SIL) Program is a voluntary Extended Foster Care placement where young adults can live on their own, while still getting casework and support services to help them become independent and self-sufficient.


In "GET A LIFE SIL placements, young people are not supervised 24 hours a day by an adult and have the responsibility to meet their own day-to-day needs. Depending on their personal goals they can stay or return to foster care up until their 21st birthday—or 22nd if they're working on a high school diploma or GED.


Participation is voluntary.


If you are interested you will be required to sign an agreement to participate in one or more of the following activities:


  • Attend high school or working on a GED.

  • Attend college for at least 6 hours per semester.

  • Work at least 80 hours per month.

  • Participate in a job or skills training program.

  • Have a documented medical reason for an inability to complete any of the above.

For more information about TGIF's "GET A LIFE" SIL program, talk to your Case Manager or visit: